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Interesting Ways to Add to Your Closet Space

Interesting Ways to Add to Your Closet Space

Ask most people and they’ll tell you that there’s enough space in their closets for all their clothing. If you’re nodding your head right now, don’t fret! This doesn’t mean you’re a hoarder, it simply means you don’t have enough closet space.

You could, of course, buy a set of drawers or a wardrobe, but these are bulky and take up a look of space. Besides, there are many more creative ways to find ways to store clothes that do not fit into your closet while still keeping your home neat and tidy.

Hat rack

A hat rack that is mounted to a wall can serve multiple purposes. You can of course use it for the titular hats, but it’s also a great place to hang scarves and the odd light jacket. Because it is wall-mounted, you save on floor space and can even mount it in obscure spaces that are rarely utilised, such as behind a door or in a corridor.

Coat rack

An ornamental coat rack doesn’t have to being just pretty – use it to hang coats and jackets, items that are bulky and would otherwise have taken up a load of closet space. You can also hang scarves in between the jackets and coats for a colourful, quirky feel. If the coat rack has an extended hat stand, you can use this for hats, beanies and berets.

Clothing rail (also known as clothing rack)

Usually used to dry clothes indoors, clothing racks have the advantage that they were designed with clothes in mind so you’ll have enough space as well as the right dimensions for your clothes. The height can also be adjusted, allowing you to keep your clothes off the floor. Available from most supermarkets and home stores, you can pick one up without breaking the bank. Paint it according to the room’s colour scheme and it will look as ornamental as it is functional!

Book shelf

Book shelves are great places to store folded clothes and is easy to find. Again, you can paint the book shelf to suit the décor of the room. Add an ornament here and there or hang something from the side for a quirky look.

These are just some ideas for creating spaces to store your closet’s overflow of clothing. If you have any ideas for other creative solutions, tell us at info@mobusproperty.com or better yet, go to our Facebook page Mobus Properties Ghana and drop us a comment with your top tip on creating extra space for your clothes.

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