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Indoor Gardening: Growing Your Own Veggies and Herbs

Indoor Gardening: Growing Your Own Veggies and Herbs

Nothing brightens a kitchen, no matter how small or big, than a small indoor herb and veggie container garden. Herbs make for excellent window shelf gardening as they love light, but you don’t necessarily need to limit yourself to the window sill.

First you need to find out which herbs and veggies are going to be best suited for your needs. As mentioned, these plants generally love sunlight, so make sure you have a spot in your apartment that gets at least six hours of sunlight a day. Chat to your local nursery or search online to find out which herbs and veggies would be the best to plant in your indoor garden. At the same time, also check when is the right time to sow seeds if you plan on creating your indoor herb and veggie garden from scratch. If you are going to go the seedling route, check out what types of seedlings are available from your local nursery.

Now you need to look at the space you have available. A window sill that receives a lot of sunlight is ideal, but you might also consider hanging planters or planters on shelves. Use any vertical space you have available, especially such spaces near or next to windows and sliding glass doors. While herbs tend to have small plants, you’ll need to carefully consider which veggies you’ll have enough space for. Basil, green onion, sage, coriander, dill, oregano, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, chillies, peppers and Asian greens are all excellent choices – just remember to check beforehand how big the plants might get!

While you don’t need to spend as much as you would with a full-sized garden, this type of container gardening does require the basics: containers, plants, a small spade or trowel as well as potting soil. Think creatively when it comes to containers: as this is going to be an indoor garden, you can use these containers as décor at the same time. Use old pots and pans, discarded drawers, buckets and old enamel kettles, for example. Mix and match different plants in different container to create a visually striking yet also practical effect.

If you can’t afford a lot of seedlings, ask for cuttings from people who already have indoor herb and veggie gardens – simply place the cutting in water and wait for it to sprout and then plant it. There are also some fruit and veggies that will grow from discarded “off-cuts” – Pinterest has a wealth of information and illustrations of these.

Lastly, don’t forget to water your herbs and veggies regularly!

Having your own indoor herb and veggie garden has many benefits. It will be difficult to get fresher herbs and veggies than this for your cooking, plus it creates a cosy, homey effect. It’s a great talking point with your friends, plus it adds a huge feel-good factor.

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