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Increase the Value of Your Home

Increase the Value of Your Home

Are you thinking of selling your home and want to get the best price on it? One of the best ways to achieve this is by increasing your home’s value to get a better sale price.

Having your home in tip-top condition will go a long way in getting buyers to pay your asking price.

Start small

Small upgrades can make a big difference. Changing things like the taps in your kitchen and bathrooms, replacing permanent lighting fixtures and doors and giving your house a fresh coat of paint can brighten up the place and add value to your home.

Keep it clean

Put yourself in the buyers’ shoes. Would a fixer-upper with lots of little problems to take care of attract you, or would you be more willing to take on a home that it sparkling clean and ready to move in? Take care of any maintenance issues and small problems before they become too big to handle on your own.

Upgrade the kitchen

The kitchen is often called the “heart of the home”, and most people spend a lot of time in this room. It is also often a deal-breaker for those looking for a new home. Add a light colour to the walls to make it seem bigger, ensure all wooden furniture is polished and that there are no water stains or fingerprints on glass or metal appliances.

Make your bathroom beautiful

It’s quite easy for the bathroom to become neglected but it also another deal-breaker for some people. Water and closed spaces to do not make good friends. Check for mould on the ceilings and walls of the bathroom and get it fixed. Dirt can become easily embedded in the tiles. If you cannot afford to retile the bathroom, fresh grout will have it looking like new again.

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