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Illuminating Lighting For New Homeowners

Illuminating Lighting For New Homeowners

You’ve purchased your dream home at Richfield Lifestyle Estate and you’re ready to do it up just the way you’ve always imagined, but did you know the way you set up your lighting can undo hours of interior decorating excellence?

Don’t fall victim to this unfortunate experience – brush up on your lighting knowledge with these lighting tips from expert interior designers:

It’s all about variety
The secret to a beautifully lit living room, according to lighting designer Melanie Freundlich, is variety. Consider using a range of lighting in varied heights and locations. You can do this by incorporating desk and floor lamps into the space.

Draw attention to specific objects
You can use lights to bring attention to a statement object in your home like a painting, prized possession or unique design or architectural feature.

Exploit natural light
Lighting during the day is a subject that is often overlooked. However, the amount of natural light your home receives and how you manipulate it can make a huge difference. Introducing mirrors into your space can help you reflect and amplify natural light, leaving you with a room that’s airy and inviting.

Consider the function of the room
The room’s function plays a critical role in determining how you can use light to enhance it. The tips and tricks that apply to living rooms are not the same for the other rooms in your house, so make sure you’re using the right light in the right room.

Don’t forget the kids
If you have young children in your family, you may want to consider including a night light in your design. Night lights are great for helping children who are afraid of the dark. Parents can also benefit from the use of night lights as they can help you navigate through a dark room for feeding, rocking and changing activities while maintaining the sleepy time atmosphere.

Follow these tips and don’t let bad lighting decisions ruin your new luxurious Richfield lifestyle.

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