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How to Make a Small Living Room look Bigger Part 2

How to Make a Small Living Room look Bigger Part 2

Chances are you spend the majority of your waking time at home in the living room – the name kind of says it all. Regardless of the size of your living room, the décor and layout of your furniture can make a lot of difference in how much living space you have.

We all have different styles as well as different needs, so we are taking a look at some design tips and different furniture arrangements you can try out to make the best of your living room and find the perfect balance between space and comfort.

In Part 1 of this blog we looked at the general design and décor principles you should consider. Let’s take a look at the kind of furniture you might find helpful.

Use multipurpose furniture

Using furniture with more than one use is another way of making the best use of the space available to you. Great examples of these are sleeper couches, futons and backless sofas that double as beds, as well as ottomans that work as coffee tables or extra seating.

Float the sofa

Floating a sofa means placing it in the middle of the room as opposed to with its backrest against a wall. This creates different areas in the room, defining purpose, e.g. a reader corner behind the sitting area. It also helps to direct traffic flow.

Add a backless sofa

This is the safe as a floating sofa with the exception that there is no backrest, so the sofa can be used from both sides and is less of an obvious divider.

Skip the sofa

If space is limited and you are simply not a sofa person, opt for two or three comfy armchairs around a coffee table. For added versatility, try an ottoman with storage space as the coffee table and you have an instant seating solution.

Smaller furniture

If you like antiques, you’re in luck. Not only are they classic set pieces and imply luxury, they are also mostly smaller than modern furniture as the average room size used to be a lot smaller until about 50 years ago. Firm favourites includes love seats and settees, which can add that something different to your living room’s look and feel.

Invisible furniture

Glass, acrylic and lucite (a.k.a. acrylic glass) take up zero visual space, which means that the room looks bigger and less cluttered. While you’re not exactly going to use these materials for heavy furniture, they work wonders for coffee and side tables.

By choosing your furniture smartly, getting the layout perfect and using your décor wisely you can make any living room look roomier and add an illusion of spaciousness.

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