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How to Decorate with Mirrors

How to Decorate with Mirrors

One of the most versatile and effective decorative tools, mirrors create a sense of space, improve proportions, bring in light and reflect beautiful views – while adding that touch of glamour. Try new ideas to make mirrors work in your home.

Mirror Layering

Layering is effective in decorating. Mirror layering reflects the space and adds more depth to your living room, bedroom or entrance hall. Position a framed mirror or a few large framed mirrors against a wall and enhance the effect with beautiful furniture pieces, such as a server or console table.

Mirror Art

Create a unique decorating feature with a series of identical mirrors hung on the wall in a straight line in a grid layout, just as you would arrange a collection of paintings. Place the mirrors in a square or rectangular pattern. The fragmented reflections will lend the space a beautiful art effect.

Mirror Cladding

Amplify space and natural light in our apartment or townhouse by cladding load-bearing pillars or an entire wall with mirrors. This trick also works well in rooms lacking windows or in need of extra light. Take it further and add interest with decorative mirrors to complement clean lines.

Panelled Mirrors

Increasingly popular, panelled mirrors with geometric frames add structure and create visual impact. Use panelled mirrors in an entrance area or your living room with display furniture items, or add glamour to your bathroom and bedroom with panelled mirrors placed against the wall on top of large console tables and vanity cupboards.

Mirrored Surfaces

Reflective surfaces are ideal if you want sophistication and the illusion of space. If cladding an entire wall in mirrors seems too much, include mirrored furniture like a dining table or a coffee table in your room décor. Mirrored furniture is also ideal for compact spaces to enlarge the space and create a sumptuous look.


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