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Houseplants for a Healthy Home  Part 1

Houseplants for a Healthy Home Part 1

Having plants in your apartment not only adds a cosy, homey feel but is also healthy for everyone living there as they filter the air and give off oxygen. They add a sense of luxury and complement any décor and style.

Houseplants are easy to take care of – you don’t need to have green fingers to keep them looking healthy and happy. We’ve compiled a list of some easy-to-grow houseplants to get you started.

Peace lily

This houseplant is so popular for a reason – it’s hardy, needs only low light and is a great purifier of toxins in the air. Plus, its glossy green leaves and elegant white flowers are striking. Water heavily and keep in low light – no direct sunlight.


African violet

Beautiful flower colours and shapes, as well as thick deep green leaves, make this houseplant especially luxurious. Water once a week and keep moist; needs plenty of light but no direct sunlight.



Contrary to popular believe, orchids do not require high maintenance and are quite hardy. The elegant flowers last a long time and if treated properly the plant will flower once a year. Lots of light but no direct sunlight, water once a week and keep moist.


Fern (especially Boston fern)

This natural humidifying and air-purifying houseplant needs filtered air and humid conditions, making it a great choice for a bathroom or kitchen. No direct sunlight.


Spider plant

Another classic choice, this houseplant is hardy and comes in the standard green or better-known variegated form (leaves are green and white). It grows fast and furious, flourishes in natural light and is fine with an irregular watering schedule, making it ideal for people who travel a lot (or are forgetful).



This houseplant is also hardy and can handle long periods of time without water, as it stores fluids in its fleshy leaves. It’s super easy to grow and needs lots of light, preferably direct sunlight. Water every two weeks or when the plant starts drooping.


Indoor gardening can be a breeze with the right houseplants. Do your research and choose the right houseplants that suit your style and interior design. The added green in your home is sure to have a striking effect! Look out for Part 2 of this blog with more cool ideas for houseplants.

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