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Houseplants for a Healthy Home Part 2

Houseplants for a Healthy Home Part 2

Having plants in your apartment not only adds a cosy, homey feel but is also healthy for everyone living there as they filter the air and give off oxygen. They add a sense of luxury and complement any décor and style.

Houseplants are easy to take care of – you don’t need to have green fingers to keep them looking healthy and happy. We’ve compiled a list of some easy-to-grow houseplants to get you started; here is Part 2.


Always classic and popular choice with its pretty heart-shaped leaves and hardy nature. It is well adapted to low light and is often placed on shelves and tall pieces of furniture to show of its trailing stems of green hearts. Water once a week, allowing soil to dry between waterings.



With its red-edged leaves this houseplant has a stunning visual effect and is a good choice for a larger space. It’s also known as a dragon tree. The plant is quite durable and will lose its leaves from the ground up naturally, leaving its stem exposed. Needs lots of light but no direct sunlight.


Chinese evergreen

This houseplant has great foliage, with the picturesque patterns on its leafs making it an attractive choice. It needs low to medium light and needs to be kept moist – perfect for a bathroom or kitchen.


Fiddle-leaf fig

This classy-looking houseplant is another good option for a bigger indoor plant but will stay smaller when left in a small container, although it is recommended to repot the plant once a year. It needs to be kept out of direct sunlight and cold drafts; keep moist by misting leaves and watering once a week. Soil must dry between waterings.


Snake plant

This is a hugely popular houseplant as it is virtually indestructible. Its long, narrow leaf shapes make for a great elongated design effect, while the variegated leaves are also quite striking visually. It’s fine with both low light and bright conditions and does not need a lot of water – be careful of overwatering. Cute fact: it’s also known as mother-in-law’s tongue.


Indoor gardening can be a breeze with the right houseplants. Do your research and choose the right houseplants that suit your style and interior design. The added green in your home is sure to have a striking effect!

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