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The Homeowner’s Guide to Being a Good Neighbour

The Homeowner’s Guide to Being a Good Neighbour

So you’ve just bought a new home and you’re excited to move in, but did you know the guidelines on how to be a good neighbour differ from one dwelling to the next?

If your new home happens to be a semi-detached villa, we have a few tips and tricks that will ensure that you and your new neighbour have more good days than bad.

Good neighbours are friendly and approachable – The beginning of any relationship is always important, so make sure you get off on the good foot by always greeting your neighbours warmly. After all is said and done you do share a wall with your neighbours, so why not make sure that you create an environment conducive to communication by keeping the channels open with a friendly disposition.

Keep it down – No one likes a noisy neighbour, especially not homeowners living in a semi-detached unit, so make sure you keep noise at acceptable levels. You may want to take extra care after hours so that everyone can get a good night’s sleep. People are less likely to tolerate loud music late at night, so avoid a situation and keep it down.

Communication is key – The best way to build a good relationship with your neighbours is communication. If you find yourself in a troubling situation, make sure you communicate with your neighbours in a mature way. Letters and emails are great; but when you live in a semi-detached environment, face-to-face communication is better. Talking to your neighbour about issues that bother you will allow you to avoid any misunderstandings, because the written word can often be misconstrued.

Respect above everything else – Always remember that you are living in a shared space, so respect your neighbour, respect their space and respect their property as you would expect them to do the same.

Following these simple guidelines will ensure that you are the neighbour everyone wants to have and with good manners like these you will certainly be popular at Richfield Lifestyle Estate’s three- and three-and-a-half-bedroom semi-detached villas.

Be neighbourly and email info@mobusproperty.com or visit www.richfieldlifestyle.com for more information on these and other properties.

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