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The History of Terraced Houses

The History of Terraced Houses

The first terraced houses were probably built in the United Kingdom in the 17th century, where they quickly became popular. They were introduced to England from Italy. From the start, these apartments were built as luxury, highly desired properties in upmarket areas such as Regent’s Park and Bath.

In the 19th century, the design’s popularity spread to the working class and terraced apartments were built extensively throughout Britain. In modern times, there has been a resurgence in this property design.

Terraced houses are defined as side-by-side properties in a row that are directly connected to each other, although Richfield Lifestyle Estate’s two-bedroomed terraced houses are built in rows of four, with a wraparound garden on either side.

Furthermore, these properties can be several storeys high and one or two rooms deep, lending itself to the nickname “two up two down” – with a ground floor and first floor, each with two rooms.

The original two-bedroom terraced apartments had two living areas downstairs – a parlour for visitors and a private living room for the use of the family. Upstairs would be two bedrooms.

The luxury two-bedroom terraced houses at Richfield Lifestyle Estate feature an open-plan living area and kitchen downstairs, along with a guest toilet and guest room with an en-suite bathroom. A patio opens into the garden. Upstairs you’ll find the second bedroom and a giant en-suite bathroom, with a large personal patio terrace. This layout allows for luxury living combined with excellent use of space, maximising the living experience of the property.

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