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High-end Luxury Looks for Less

High-end Luxury Looks for Less

Add a touch of luxury to your home without the extra price tag. Choose easy-to-implement décor ideas by simply changing colour palettes, adding different textures and layers, or updating your wall art displays.

Update Colours with Glamorous and Moody Hues

The past year has seen an international colour obsession with dark and bold colours that scream opulence and won’t date too soon. Think deep sea greens, emerald, and cobalt blue.

Give these a try by repainting your living room in one of these shades or adding these hues to a feature wall in your bedroom to create a sophisticated look.

Add a faux fur throw and velvet cushions to increase the dramatic effect.

If you choose decadent moody hues, remember to contrast the opulence with light-coloured items to avoid an extra heavy and gloomy effect.

Bring on Luxurious Textures like Velvet, Faux Fur, and Feathers

Introduce a velvet-upholstered piece of furniture like a beautiful wingback chair, or limit yourself to a luxurious ottoman or a few scatter cushions if the budget doesn’t allow for more extravaganza.

Add a faux fur throw or ottoman to introduce soft textures to your rooms.

Likewise, feathers are an interesting touch to any room. The easiest way to capitalise on this fabulous texture is to display an interesting piece such as framed-feather wall art or add a peacock- or pheasant-feather bouquet in a vase.

Rethink Wall Art with Beautiful Mirrors and Frames

Bring contemporary glamour to your home with an interesting display of framed art pieces or a mismatched collection of mirrors of different sizes.

Mount these above a mantelpiece, a console table, or hang in the hallway for an immediate wow factor as your guests enter the house.

With just a few luxurious touches, your home will easily go from drab to fab without breaking the bank.

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