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Handy DIY Skills for Any Home-Owner  Part 2

Handy DIY Skills for Any Home-Owner Part 2

While it’s great having your own home, it can be a bit of a pain when something breaks. Most people have a handyman in the neighbourhood that can quickly come over to patch things up, but sometimes you can’t wait, or it’s something so small that it’s not worth getting someone out to come and fix it.

Changing a showerhead

If your showerhead has three or four streams that makes showering an exercise in twisting and turning, it’s time to do something about it.

First you need to remove the showerhead by gently screwing it off.

Check if it is broken or simply clogged by calcification. If it’s the latter – you’ll see a thick white crusty residue that is blocking the holes in the showerhead. Leave it in vinegar or a descaling product overnight, brush clean with a thick-bristled brush and then replace.

If the showerhead is broken, check if the rubber seal is intact. Take both to a hardware or bathroom store and buy a new showerhead as well as a new rubber seal if the seal is old and disintegrated or already broken. Back home, replace the rubber seal and then screw on the new showerhead. Make sure that it is screwed on tightly – you don’t need things falling on your head while taking a shower!

Unclogging a drain

Whether you have a kitchen basin that is clogged or a toilet that won’t flush, a plunger is your new best friend.

Place the plunger over the drain or the bottom of the toilet, making sure the rubber cup is completely covered by water. You can simply run the tap once you’ve positioned the plunger if you’re working in a basin.

Pump the handle into the wooden cup a couple of times – this might take some effort. This action creates an air seal.

Pull the plunger up and away from the drain/hole with a quick, sharp movement to break the air seal you’ve just created. The power of suction should dislodge the culprit and restore flow.

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