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Handy DIY Skills for Any Home-Owner  Part 1

Handy DIY Skills for Any Home-Owner Part 1

While it’s great having your own home, it can be a bit of a pain when something breaks. Most people have a handyman in the neighbourhood that can quickly come over to patch things up, but sometimes you can’t wait, or it’s something so small that it’s not worth getting someone out to come and fix it.

How to hang heavy objects on a wall

This is quite easy if you live in a house built of bricks – you can simply decide where you want the object hung and drill away (we are not going to cover “how to drill a hole” as that is best left to the expert or salesman, who should give you a comprehensive and extensive demonstration when you buy the drill).

But if you live in a house with drywalls on the inside, it requires a bit more caution. You need to find a stud, which is an aluminium strip inside the wall used to reinforce it. You can find these studs with an electronic stud finder, available from most hardware stores, or simply knock on the wall – a hollow sound means a big no-no while a solid sound means you have found the strut. These struts are usually located every 20 to 30 centimetres. Now choose the right height and drill on!

How to patch a hole in a wall

If you move an object from the wall and don’t like the nail or mark where it used to hang, it’s quite easy to fix. You’ll need sandpaper, a crack filler and a putty knife.

Scoop out some of the filler using the putty knife and filling the hole with filler. Use the straight side of the putty knife to smooth and even out the filler. Leave it to dry overnight or as per the instructions on the filler and then sand the area lightly to blend the filler with the rest of the wall. You might want to retouch the paint on the wall if it isn’t white – always keep a small container of paint when you paint the house, for this reason.

Feel ready for some DIY yet? In our next blog we’ll tackle some more must-have DIY skills!

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