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Guidelines to elevating the style of your home

Guidelines to elevating the style of your home

Elevate the style of your home to add that luxurious touch that will transform your ordinary home into an extraordinary home.

Use a beautifully designed light fixture

Just like a new stove top can make a big impact in the kitchen, hanging a beautifully designed light fixture over your dining area adds more style instantly. It is not just suspended lights that can make a difference; adding lamps to your living room will not only inject a sense of luxury, but also add to the mood.

Invest in classic styles

Stick to classic styles and neutral fabrics that will work in a variety of interiors and styles. A sofa like Jasper or Alberto won’t be going out of vogue any time soon. It will make updating in the future easy and less costly with soft furnishings, artwork, and accessories.

Hang oversized art

Rather than cluttering your walls with small artwork that is badly framed, invest in a large piece of art. A painting, a photograph, or  textile can often look more expensive when it’s of a bigger scale and well framed. If you fancy yourself as a photographer or have travelled a lot, rather than hanging up a whole lot of photos, enlarge a couple of your photos and have them framed by a professional.

Decorate with luxurious fabrics

Cushions in natural linens, soft leather or luxurious velvet can lift a sofa or an occasional chair making your setting appear more expensive than it is. Likewise, the right curtains can make an interior look well-considered and more opulent. Even a quality throw can make a difference.

Lay down a large rug

A good rug is never a cheap item, but one that is the right size can add another dimension to your room. Spend a little more and you’re also likely to be purchasing a better quality rug that will handle the pressures of constantly being walked over.

Add a statement chair or two

Statement chairs can make a room more elegant and well-composed. A pair of two chairs together adds a level of sophistication and offers an alternative seat for guests other than being lined up on the sofa.

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