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Go Green: How to Save Water and Make Your Apartment More Eco-Friendly Part 2

Go Green: How to Save Water and Make Your Apartment More Eco-Friendly Part 2

In the spirit of the Climate Change and Green Economy Learning Strategy launched at the end of October 2016 to promote climate change education, awareness and learning in Ghana, we have put together a list of ways in which you can save water in your apartment and make it more eco-friendly.

While more than 70% of the earth’s surface is covered by water, we live in a time where we are running out of fresh water resources.

Saving water is easy and as a bonus, you’ll also save money as your utilities bill will be lower! Another good reason to start saving water today!

Fix leaks

While a small leak in your bath or sink might not seem like a big deal, it can make a big difference in your water usage. Make sure you have no leaks and fix any leaks you might have immediately to save water you might be wasting this way.

Brushing beauty

While brushing your teeth, a lot of water is wasted while the tap remains running. Instead, quickly moisten your tooth brush after squeezing on the toothpaste and brush without the tap running. Once you have finished, open the tap and proceed as normal. This is just another small way in which you can save water for a more eco-friendly home.

Fully loaded

Do not use the dishwasher or the washing machine unless it is fully loaded. Despite the settings on some more modern machines, which gives you the option of choosing the size of the load, it has been proven that you still waste water this way – the best way to save water when using a dishwasher or washing machine is to make sure it is fully loaded.

Rinse away!

When washing your dishes by hand, fill the sink with clean water to rinse plates and pots instead of doing so under a running tap. This saves you a lot of water, plus you can use this water as grey water to water your houseplants or outside garden.

By saving water, you make your apartment more eco-friendly. Not only are you doing the environment a favour, you also do yourself a favour by saving money. Living an eco-friendly life is beneficial to us all!

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