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Go Green: How to Save Electricity and Make Your Apartment More Eco-Friendly Part 1

Go Green: How to Save Electricity and Make Your Apartment More Eco-Friendly Part 1

Ghana launched the Climate Change and Green Economy Learning Strategy at the end of October 2016 to promote climate change education, awareness and learning in the country.

In the spirit of this move towards more eco-friendly living, let’s take a look at a few ways to save electricity and make your apartment more eco-friendly.

Cool it

Try to use your air-conditioning as little as possible – there are some inventive alternatives to keeping the temperature in your apartment nice and cool, as you’ll see below. If you do use the air-conditioning, make sure that the unit is sealed properly to prevent hot air from being blown into the apartment, which will increase electricity use as the air-conditioning unit will need to work harder to keep temperatures down.

Curtain’s up!

To prevent warm sunlight from shining into the apartment through windows, simply hang some curtains and keep them drawn during the day. To prevent a gloomy atmosphere, use curtains that are made from light, sheer fabrics. You can also use blinds or window panelling to block the heat of the sun. By lowering the temperature this way, you save electricity.

Biggest fan

Ceiling fans, as well as standing fans, are great ways to keep the air in the apartment circulating and lower temperatures, all without increasing electricity use. Ceiling fans get rid of hot air hanging near the ceiling and increase ventilation by pushing out warm air through open windows and doors and puling in fresh, cool air. Instead of facing you directly, standing fans are best used pointed at a window or open door – this creates a strong cycle of ventilation and cools down a room in seconds.

By reducing the amount of electricity you use, you can make your apartment eco-friendly while at the same time saving yourself a lot of money and making your apartment more energy-efficient.

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