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Global Décor Trends – What’s Hot in 2018

Global Décor Trends – What’s Hot in 2018

Every year worldwide interior decorators and trend-setters reveal the best décor trends, accessories and must-haves. We took a closer look and picked our favourites for 2018.

Amazing Artwork

This year artwork is making a bold home statement. Well-chosen artwork complements a neutral décor scheme and adds just the right amount of interest through colour, texture, and pattern.

The versatile trend has already been noticed in everything from murals and tiles in graphic and decorative designs to handcrafted rugs in abstract designs.

Use artwork as a focal point in your home, and experiment with various patterns and designs in usually neutral places such as the kitchen or bathrooms.

OTT Wall Designs

The latest looks in wallpaper and wallcovering and murals and overscaled design. The brighter and more patterned, the better!

Do not be afraid to go OTT and reflect your personality and unique style with a bold custom-made design. Bold botanical designs, bright graphics, or maybe a favourite holiday snap?

Choose a type of design, print, painting or photograph and have a specialist studio transfer it to your walls.

Statement Retro Furniture

Statement furniture pieces are exciting additions to your home and great talking points for guests. Retro pieces add character are increasingly sought-after by interior designers and homeowners.

This year retro cocktail cabinets seem to be all the rage, but equally interesting is a unique console table, dresser, or armchair that takes you back in time.

The focus is on artisan work and beautifully handcrafted furniture mixed with contemporary styles. One retro piece is enough in the modern home, so it is best not to overdo the trend.

Indoor Greenery

The trend of greening homes is on the rise. Decorators are embracing the connection with nature and the benefits of indoor plants on wellbeing.

Introduce fresh green foliage or make a statement with a vertical garden wall or hanging bird’s nest ferns. Display potted plants around your living room, bedrooms, and bathroom.

It is recommended to complement plants with organic materials such as wicker, timber, sisal or similar fabrics. Invest in jute rugs and wicker chairs, or simply add textured blankets and cushions for a natural look.

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