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Ghana’s Property Market is Booming – Here is Why

Ghana’s Property Market is Booming – Here is Why

A rapid surge in real estate investment in recent years in Ghana can be attributed to a growth in economic development and an influx of expatriates and foreign investments.

The positive economic development has attracted investors and businesses to the West African country which demanded a substantial rise in real estate development to accommodate the incoming foreign investment traffic, as well as the increasing local population.

Ghana is leading the pack of top ten growing economies worldwide with an impressive growth rate of 8.3%, according to the World Bank.

Furthermore, Ghana’s population is heading towards 30 million people with an expatriate population of about 40,000 people and growing. Most expatriates live in Accra, which has seen rapid property development in recent years.

Ghana’s property developers need to cater to both growing populations, locals and expatriates and educate the public on making informed decisions about real estate.

For real estate investors, exhibitions and seminars are a good opportunity to find investment opportunities and gain essential skills in finding properties with investment potential.

A recent housing and property fair, the MeQasa Property Expo, brought together real estate developers, mortgage specialists and housing experts discussing Ghana’s property market and its investment potential.

The three-day event was organised by online property marketplace MeQasa and took place at the Aviation Social Centre in Accra.  Topics covered involved advice on finding the right home, how to spot property with investment potential, how to avoid land litigation, budgeting, mortgaging and property law.

Popular real estate investment opportunities in Accra include condominiums, luxury apartments, and townhouses in gated communities.

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