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Ghana is Raising the Bar for Leisure Tourism in Africa

Ghana is Raising the Bar for Leisure Tourism in Africa

Ghana is changing the world of African leisure tourism. Once an underappreciated sector in Africa, leisure tourism is growing at a phenomenal rate across the continent.  Continued economic growth in many African countries is driving tourist interest, and Ghana is proving increasingly attractive to foreign tourists as well as tourists from other African countries.

Historically famous for its vast reserves of gold, Ghana is attracting tourists due to its unspoiled coastline with sandy white beaches, friendly people, natural beauty, relative political stability and cultural heritage.

The Ghanaian government has been quick to recognise the potential inherent in the tourism sector, and the World Bank recently approved a grant of USD 40 million to the Ghana Tourism Development Project. This project is aimed at enhancing the tourism sector’s offerings in targeted destinations and increase the contribution of the tourism sector to the Ghanaian economy. The government has also launched infrastructure upgrade, including developments to airports- such as to Accra’s airport, Kotoka International- and roads. These developments are expected to aid tourism in the country. The visa process has also been changed, making it easier for visitors to visit: visitors from West-Africa can now apply for visas on arrival, while at Kotoka International airport, a new border control system is facilitating a smoother and quicker visa process for travellers.

Recent research has indicated that the rate of future growth from foreign markets in Ghana will likely be dependent on investment into resort infrastructure with international standards and service.

In 2017, the travel and tourism sector in Ghana contributed 5.3% of the total employment opportunities, contributing 6.2% of the GDP.  Many of the visitors to Ghana hail from neighbouring Nigeria. Ghana is seen as an attractive destination as it offers more leisure options than Nigeria and is located nearby.

Popular tourist destinations in Ghana include the city of Accra, Kakum National Park, the Cape Coast Kakrobite and Larabanga. Ghana has demonstrated that is a tourist destination worthy of interest and that it is taking the steps necessary to promote its tourism sector.

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