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Ghana Launches Digital Property Addressing System

Ghana Launches Digital Property Addressing System

A newly launched digital address system in Ghana will identify various locations in the country in an all-inclusive property database for easy access.

According to Ghana Post, the company rolling out the network, the addressing system known as Ghana Post GPS is nationally integrated and it will house a comprehensive database of all properties in the country.

Every location in the country will be addressed digitally with unique codes for easier identification. The new code range is based on the regional telephone codes used by the Post and Telecommunications, e.g. 02 for Greater Accra.

The digital property addressing system will play an important role in transforming and formalising the economy.

“The National Identification Project is the second most important process of formalising the economy. The digital address is a key requirement during registration of citizens and residents,” the company said in a formal statement.

“The location system comes with all the necessary security protections including but not limited to a privacy policy protected by the Data Protection Act 843, fortified architecture, various access level controls, and an inter-ministerial data privacy committee that will monitor and ensure the security of the entire system.”

Digital Addressing will now be the single most important tool for all citizens to locate government departments, business partners, friends, and relatives accurately and quickly.

It will also assist in enhancing business operations and facilitating better delivery of essential services such as health and security across the country.

This new addressing system will lead to a formalised economy as well as change the entire business landscape.

The company is partnering with the Ministry of Communications and Ghanaian-based company Vokacom to roll out the system.

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