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Getting to the Heart of a Mixed-Use Development

Getting to the Heart of a Mixed-Use Development

Mixed-use developments have caught on all over the world as the preferred method of establishing new neighbourhoods and micro cities.

In Africa in particular these live, work, play developments are dictating the future of urban and suburban planning in some of the continent’s most popular cities.

Mixed-use developments are a type of development that blends residential, commercial, cultural or institutional uses. For a mixed-use development to be successful it requires four key features.

Community focus
At the heart of a successful mixed-use development is the concept of community. A good developer knows this and strives to make this possible by developing common areas where members of the community can interact.

Supports an active lifestyle
A good mixed-use development supports an active lifestyle thanks to the pedestrian friendly nature of the development. Anything that limits a community member’s need to use a vehicle within the development and encourages walking, running and cycling is important. Many mixed-use estates also feature indoor or outdoor fitness centres and play areas.

Rich in amenities
For a mixed-use development to live up to this concept it needs to feature a wide range of amenities which include, entertainment areas, restaurants, shopping complexes, fitness centres, swimming pools, play areas, etc. Anything that promotes convenience for the community is important when creating a mixed-use development.

Transport centred
Great property developers know how important smart transport planning is when it comes to designing and developing a mixed-use development. A good development is one that is situated within close proximity to a number of public transport options to give community members an alternative.

Mobus property is a leader in the development of mixed-use developments and lifestyle estates that offer residents a community based environment that is rich in amenities, supports a healthy lifestyle and is situated in prime locations in both Ghana and Nigeria.

Richfield Lifestyle Estate and Phoenix Villas in Ghana as well as River Park Estate in Nigeria are three of our developments that are built on these basic principles.

Are you interested in buying into one of these world-class developments? Contact Mobus today.

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