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Gated Communities: Living Life to the Fullest

Gated Communities: Living Life to the Fullest

Concrete jungles, neon rainbows, and one-eyed ballerinas that control the fast cars in the slow traffic. Big city life is bliss, right?

Your house is your castle — a fortress amidst the cold concrete cliffs. Melodrama aside, our homes are where we go to relax and unwind. It then follows naturally that our homes should reflect our personal taste, style, and lifestyle; not just on the inside, but also on the outside. Living in an estate that has a unique architectural style lends personality to your home.

Lifestyle estates are often at the forefront of trends. It means that you are likely to find your dream home in an estate: exquisite architecture, natural lighting, friendly neighbours, and quiet and tidy streets.

Location, location, location. Gated communities are usually close to popular amenities, be it a bustling mall, a school, or a hospital. This proximity reduces travel time and can even offer peace of mind (for example, if there is a hospital close by and you are caring for a sick loved one).

Being in touch with nature is another way to stay grounded and although not everyone is keen on walking barefoot on grass for a couple of hours a day to practise “earthing” — the act of walking barefoot on grass and soil — it apparently reduces stress, neutralises free radicals, reduces pain… (no seriously, look it up, apparently it’s a thing).

If the whole earthing thing seems a bit too “out there” for you, a nearby bubbling brooke, the chatter of birds, and some indigenous greenery are just what you need to unwind at the end of the day.

The city can be a tough and demanding environment, but as humans, we are known for our ability to adapt. Surrounded by friendly neighbours, nature, amenities and a peaceful environment, lifestyle estates allow us to embrace the challenges the city hands us and to turn it into an exciting opportunity to live life to the fullest.

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