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Furniture Arrangements: What Works Best?

Furniture Arrangements: What Works Best?

So you’ve just bought a beautiful new home and you need to decide how to arrange your furniture in the new space. Or you’re simply tired of the same furniture arrangement you’ve had for years and rearranging your furniture is the breath of fresh air you badly need.

The basics of furniture arrangements is pretty simple. The key is to create a floor plan that suits your furniture as well as your personal needs.

Firstly, you need to know the dimensions with which you’ll be working. Measure the exact size of the room to avoid a room that is crammed full of furniture. You need to know how much space you have. You also need the dimensions of the furniture – or at least the larger pieces. Remember to allow at least half a metre between furniture so that you have enough space for to move around.

Now you need to decide which effect you want to create with the way your furniture is arranged. Grouping pieces of furniture that are more or less the same size or visual weight together creates an effect of calmness and tranquillity, while mixing up different shapes and sizes of furniture in your arrangement adds energy and a sense of movement to the room.

A symmetrical arrangement of furniture makes the room feel more neat and ordered. Imagine two wingback chairs on either side of a fireplace, or two lamps bookending a large couch. Alternatively, by opting for an asymmetrical look where you balance the visual weight of furniture, you still have balance but with a more edgy, interesting feel. An example would be a large couch in one end of the room, mirrored by a few armchairs and a side table and standing lamp on the other side of the room.

Speaking of standing lamps, these are great for breaking the horizontal line often seen in furniture arrangements. You can also use potted plants, artwork or book cases to create multiple levels in the room and draw the eye up for an illusion of an elongated and therefor seemingly larger room.

Lastly, do not underestimate the effect of floating furniture. While it’s more traditional to place furniture against walls, by floating a couch or a set of armchairs you can change the flow of an open-plan room and create separate living areas.

Finding the right furniture arrangement that works for you is a fun way of making yourself at home in your new home or falling in love all over with the home you’ve had for years.

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