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More Funds Needed for Ghana’s Digital Property Addressing System

More Funds Needed for Ghana’s Digital Property Addressing System

Ghana’s Communications Ministry said that more money would be likely required to create the much-needed awareness for the country’s national digital property addressing system,  Ghana Post GPS.

The project, which cost the government almost ¢11 million to date, was launched in 2017 and is integral in the national identification process.

According to Deputy Communications Minister, George Andah, the millions being spent on the national digital property addressing system were mostly directed to marketing and publicity.

Briefing the parliamentary select committee on communication, the Minister, however, suggested the Government needed to spend some more money on marketing and publicity to ensure that every Ghanaian everywhere knows about the Ghana GPS system and can have access to their digital address.

The software Ghana Post GPS was launched in October last year by the President to host the digital addressing system in partial fulfilment of the government’s promise to formalise the Ghanaian economy.

The system, which digitally identifies all addresses in the country, received criticism from some parties, including former President John Mahama, who questioned the cost and uniqueness of the app.

In response, the Communication Minister said the ¢3 million so far spent on marketing and publicity remained inadequate considering campaigns have been running on various platforms in multiple local languages.

The digital address system in Ghana identifies various locations in the country in an all-inclusive property database for easy access. It will house a comprehensive database of all properties in the country. Every location in the country will be addressed digitally with unique codes for easier identification.

The digital property addressing system will play an important role in transforming and formalising the economy.

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