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Flooring Alternatives Fit for Any Apartment

Flooring Alternatives Fit for Any Apartment

When it comes to picking the flooring of your apartment or home, most people get stuck at hardwood or carpet. Yet there are many other options of which you might not be aware or which you would traditionally not consider. These options are often also quite affordable in comparison and add that “it” factor to your property.

Concrete polished

Concrete sealant


Concrete floors can be spruced up by either polishing them (as seen up top) or adding a finish with a sealant that makes them shiny (as seen above). It is a great choice for contemporary designs but can be used to add an edge to a more traditional space. This option is usually quite affordable, not too many the fact that the floors in existing houses are usually made of rough concrete.



Cork flooring doesn’t only look beautiful but also adds a warm tone to an apartment, very similar to the underfoot look and feel of wood. It also has a bit of springiness that makes it easier (and more fun) on your feet.

Rubber 1


Very popular in Europe, rubber flooring is warm and easy on the wallet, and works perfectly in contemporary-styled homes. In addition, it is also practical as it is easy to clean, durable and soft underfoot.

Rubber 2

Rubber flooring typically has a bumpy look, but flatter varieties such as Dalsouple flooring (as seen above) are available.

Tile 1

Tile (and not just in a bathroom or kitchen)

Tiling is usually reserved for wet spaces in the house, such as kitchens and bathrooms, or outside areas that are exposed to weather elements. Yet they can be used as a striking floor covering in other parts of the house too. They come in a wide variety of designs and colours; and you can have fun playing with the layout, depending on the shape and size. Encaustic tile (as seen above) has beautiful, intricate patterns and is especially nice in the right living room or dining room. Tiling is also an ideal floor covering for areas where it gets very hot, as it remains cool underfoot.



This is a very budget-friendly option but still looks like a million bucks. It has many of the benefits of ceramic and stone tiles and can be used to striking effect. It is also a very hardwearing option for living areas that have a lot of foot traffic.

Carpet tile

Carpet tile

This is a popular choice for many industrial projects as it is easy to install and maintain, quick to clean and easy to replace when necessary as you only need to replace the squares that are damaged. It is available as an option for residential flooring, where the same benefits are applicable. These tiles are available in many shapes, sizes and designs.

No longer are you limited to the boring old choices of wood versus carpet – these alternatives ensures that you can find the perfect flooring for your flat or house, without breaking the bank.

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