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Five Ways Floating Your Furniture Can Change Your Living Space

Five Ways Floating Your Furniture Can Change Your Living Space

Having a large open-plan living area is a great way of creating space. But trying to put all your furniture against the walls isn’t always practical or even possible. By floating your furniture – in other words, arranging it in the middle of your living space, away from the wall – you can change your open-plan living area completely without losing the spacious look and feel.

Let’s look at five ways how floating a couch can change your living space.

Create multiple living spaces

By floating a couch, arranging it perpendicular to the wall or by floating two couches back to back, you separate the larger open-plan area into different “rooms” without needing a wall or a screen in between. You keep the spaciousness while gaining an extra living area as well as extra seating space. This also helps to alter the way the shape of the room is perceived – by arranging your furniture smartly, you can make a room seem not only bigger but also wider.

Focus on the view

Instead of sticking to tradition and arranging couches against the edge of the room when it’s a window, you can float the couch and change the arrangement to make the most of what’s outside the window. Whether it’s a beautiful garden or a stunning view of nature, you’ve now got a great conversation starter while also opening the room by extending the living space to outside.

Create extra seating areas

A floating couch creates a separation of space, allowing for more than one seating area within the same space without losing the sense of airiness of the large room. By cleverly arranging chairs and tables, you can create more intimate seating arrangements where people can have a separate conversation while still part of the bigger group.

Separate different areas for different functions

Having one large open-plan living room that needs to accommodate different people with different needs can be tricky. Use a floating couch to separate the room into areas for the different functions, e.g. a lounge area where you can watch TV with a dining area tucked behind the dividing floating sofa.

Traffic flow

Often in the case of a large open-plan room, there is no clear traffic pattern. By floating a couch and giving the room structure, you have created a path along which traffic or movement can now flow.

Floating a couch or a set of couches can completely change a large open-plan living space without compromising on the whole idea of extra spaciousness.

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