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Finding Eco-Friendly Furniture for your Luxury Home – Part 2

Finding Eco-Friendly Furniture for your Luxury Home – Part 2

The eco-friendly movement is huge and more and more people are trying to incorporate “green” practices into their lifestyles every day to do their part for the planet. The concept of eco-friendly furniture has been around for a while but is slowly starting to gain more traction as designers create pieces that appeal to the tastes of a wider audience.

If you’re interested in adding an eco-friendly touch to your décor these tips should help you make sure your luxurious furniture choices are indeed “green”.

Go Vintage
One way to make sure your furniture choices are green is buy shopping for vintage or antique pieces. What’s good about these is that they won’t be adding to any environmental costs related to manufacturing. They’ve also probably offgassed as much as they can which is good news for your home’s air quality. Just beware that vintage pieces of furniture produced before 1978 might contain lead. Your antiques that are older and produced in the 19th century most likely do not. This is one way to go green and add a touch of old school class to your home.

Buy reclaimed or recycled pieces
Thanks to the modern marvels of design, you can now purchase high-end pieces of furniture made from recycled plastics, metals and other materials. But looking for truly green pieces means the furniture you buy should also be easy to recycle in the future. You can also take pieces of furniture you have and no longer want and turn them into something new with the help of an artisan.

Go organic and durable
When it comes to the rest of the furnishings in your home look out for pieces covered in organic fabrics and stuffed with latex foam. Organic cotton, organic wool and natural latex are all good alternatives to look out for. In this same thread look for furniture that is durable. If its durable and organic, it will last longer which means you won’t be out there buying a new piece too soon and sending something else to the landfill.

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