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Family fun – why Accra is a great destination for families Part 1

Family fun – why Accra is a great destination for families Part 1

If you are a parent, you know the importance of having plenty of entertainment options for kids. Accra does not disappoint – there are plenty of places you can take your family for a fun-filled time!

Kiddies playground at Accra Mall

While Mom and Dad enjoy time in the shops, the kids can have fun in the play area, providing them with peace of mind and plenty of time to visit the shops! The play area has plenty of things to ride, bounce on and play with and provides a safe, secure and shaded place for kids to relax and have fun.

Marina Mall

Ghana is pretty good at catering for kids while Mom and Dad hit the shops. Marina Mall has the usual play area filled with secure play activities including video games. In addition, there is a miniature climbing wall for the more adventurous kids to show off their climbing skills (and get rid of some excess energy!).

Kidz Cottage

This play area provides a fun place for children under the age of 12, and features a large play area with a focus on children’s safety, as well as a kiddies make-belief beauty parlour, toys, books and video games.

Matthew’s Fun House

This is a great play area for the kids in the heat of summer as it is fully air-conditioned – in fact, you might just decide to join them, although you better leave the climbing gym and ball pen for the youngsters! Older kids who are of that age where running around isn’t so cool anymore will love the Nintendo games and computer facilities.

Marvel’s Mini-Golf

This is a relatively new mini-golf course that promises to keep the young ones busy while providing exercise and some valuable sporting skills. The golf course comprises 18 holes, with all the usual challenges and ricks. Visit the clubhouse after nine holes or at the end of the day where you can relax with some snacks and well-deserved refreshments. The golf course also caters for other entertainment such as football and regular movie evenings.

In the next part we’ll look at some fun places to take the family to cool down!

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