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What is Driving Ghana’s Real Estate Market? (Part 2)

What is Driving Ghana’s Real Estate Market? (Part 2)

In 2015, PwC released its report on real estate on the African continent, Real Estate –  Building the Future of Africa, providing insight into where it sees the real estate market of the continent in 2020. In their report, PwC identifies eight drivers for growth on the African continent; here is part two of our series!

Government and Legislation

PwC states that the influence of government policy and legislation on the decision to invest will increase and that while local partnerships will become more important.

Pension funds, stock exchange, and banking regimes

Advancement within pension fund, stock exchange and banking industries will encourage investment. Additionally, more and more investors will drive demand for real estate investment opportunities.

Did you know? PwC’s report ‘Asset Management 2020: A Brave New World’ estimates that global alternative investments, including real estate, will grow by 9.3% per year to reach US$13 trillion by 2020.


Technology will impact business and building practices as well as consumer behaviour. As disruptive as technology can be — e-commerce and digital banking — it also has the potential to benefit the real estate market.

Physical real estate will be needed to service this huge growth area across Africa.

Local tech companies and new international market players will require office space with high levels of connectivity, as well as support services such as server banks.


Sustainability will become ingrained in building design. According to Horizon Capital Commercial Property’s commercial property investment update for 2014, the demand for green buildings is rapidly growing, mostly due to the clear operational and economic benefits as well as serving the companies’ triple bottom line.

Click here to read the full PwC report.

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