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Dreamy Bedroom Design Solutions

Dreamy Bedroom Design Solutions

Bedrooms are a place of escape and rest, and the ideal opportunity to make a glamorous personal statement. Go beyond your wildest dreams and indulge your inner escapist with bedrooms that reflect more than privacy, relaxation, and comfort.

Classic meets contemporary

Get the perfect balance between classic elegance and modern craftsmanship with an upholstered or deep-buttoned headboard and footer that matches the tone of the fabric with the bed frame. Pair with upholstered ottomans, cotton and textured throws, and crisp linen curtains for serene luxury and comfort.

Private sanctuary

Achieve an intimate cocooning feel with a four-poster bed that anchors the room with fine proportions and clean lines. Keep it neutral and simple, or soften the frame for a romantic look by adding curtains and fabrics in sheer linen. Small room? Create a greater feeling of space in your bedroom by matching the bed linen to the wall covering.

Interesting headboard

Fixed or free-standing, different headboard choices are the key to great-looking beds. Natural elements such as rattan, or fabrics such as linen or velvet, add texture and interest to the entire bedroom and elevate the style of an otherwise simple décor.

Regal luxury

Go for a narrative-driven design, where colour blends, fabrics and textures transport you to your private universe. A regal tented bed is the ultimate luxury and evokes a sense of exoticism and romanticism, while custom beds and themed wallpapers can evoke anything from relaxation to exotic travels and adventure.

Mood and Comfort

Moody and masculine, fun or feminine, or a mix of both? Opt for statement fabrics, colour accents, and sophisticated furniture to tell your story. Enhance functionality with beautiful design and bold pieces of furniture to accentuate your personality, taste and mood, while keeping the idea of a comfort-first and inviting bedroom in mind.

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