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Decorating kids’ bedrooms

Decorating kids’ bedrooms

Do you want to decorate your home tastefully, while still giving your kids some expression of individuality and enabling childhood fun? Take a look at our tips on how to decorate a child’s bedroom

Use wall stickers

To bring in a touch of personality and creativity, use wall stickers! They offer you the option to customise the space without the hassle of painting while being cheaper than wallpaper! Let your child have fun and pick out their favourite piece, perfect for décor that you won’t need a costly fix for later!


Keep the room tidy and neat, by adding storage options. Storage is functional but can be chosen to be fun and embody your child’s interests- you can choose between woven baskets, buckets, boxes and a host of other storage options. Keep the storage at their height so that it is accessible to them, ensuring that they’re more likely to tidy up.

Give them space to personalise

Put up a corkboard or chalkboard wall that your child can customise and decorate as they please! Kids love collecting things, so a corkboard is perfect for storing pictures, postcards and drawings.

Give them space to play

Functionality is key, and in kid’s rooms, you’ll want to give them some room to play. Put down a large mat, which can serve as decoration and a play area- the perfect space for building with blocks, colouring in or hosting tea parties for dolls.

Keep walls neutral

Keep the overarching look of your home present in your child’s bedroom by keeping the walls tastefully neutral- if you or your child want to add some colour or patters, keep it to one wall or make use of wall stickers or removable art pieces.

Add lighting

Multiple kinds of lighting are beneficial for kids’ rooms and create ambience an warmth. Use layers of light and furnish the room with overall lighting, a reading light and a night light. Lights are a useful styling device that can make any room look more welcoming.


Create spots of colour with the rugs, curtains, bed linen and cushions that you use. Let your child pick out their favourite pieces – and don’t forget to look for interesting textures to add some interest.

Keep it simple

Children often change their minds, and as they grow, their tastes and interests are sure to change. When decorating your child’s space according to their current passion, make small changes that

can easily be updated or removed.

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