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How to Decorate Your Open Plan Apartment – Part 3

How to Decorate Your Open Plan Apartment – Part 3

Open plan living is a popular choice for many new developments because it lends itself to the modern lifestyle and it can make even the smallest spaces feel bigger and brighter. While we enjoy all the space, light and flow that a large, open room gives us, there are certainly some challenges.

Decorating an open plan apartment can be quite challenging. If done wrong an open plan space can look messy, mismatched and disorganised, which is why in this three-part post we will look at nine tips to help you decorate your open plan apartment.

Look for multifunction pieces

Open plan living is not renowned for its storage space but that doesn’t have to be an issue especially if you make smart furniture choices.  Lookout for furniture that gives you storage options, these can include trunks, hutches, bookshelves and organisers all designed to look like stylish accessories.

Create a landing strip

Keeping your space clutter free is absolutely essential if you want to have an open plan living space that works, so cut the clutter from the word go by creating a landing strip. A landing strip usually includes a small entry table, coat rack, umbrella stand, mail organiser, and catchall bowl near your entrance to help keep things tidy.


Whatever you decide to do remember to make it your own. Personalise your space with plants, family photos, souvenirs and accessories that tell your story. Personal items add a certain charm to every space which is much better than any design you can take out of a magazine.

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