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How to Decorate Your Open Plan Apartment – Part 2

How to Decorate Your Open Plan Apartment – Part 2

Open plan living is a popular choice for many new developments because it lends itself to the modern lifestyle and it can make even the smallest spaces feel bigger and brighter. While we enjoy all the space, light and flow that a large, open room gives us, there are certainly some challenges.

 Decorating an open plan apartment can be quite challenging. If done wrong an open plan space can look messy, mismatched and disorganised, which is why in this three-part post we will look at nine tips to help you decorate your open plan apartment.

Create focal points

Try and create a standout design feature in each area to help define each space. Use art, furniture arrangements, or an architectural detail like a fireplace to create this focal point. For example, you could hang a statement chandelier in the living room area and adding a gallery to dining room area.

Use the grouping method

Use groupings of furniture lighting and accessories to help define areas and establish different zones within the open plan space. Separate the kitchen and living room by placing a sofa backed by a Console table. You can also use a rug to help create even more distinction between the two spaces.

Use colour to unify

Making each space its own is important in an open plan living space but as mentioned earlier creating continuity and flow is equally important and colour has a major role to play in this. From the paint to the accessories try and pull it all together with colour choice that can fit into each area easily without seeming out of place or forced.

Don’t miss part three of our post where we look at three more tips to help you decorate your open plan apartment.

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