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How to Decorate with Jewel Tones

How to Decorate with Jewel Tones

Bold statement colours are officially back on trend with Pantone’s announcement of 2018 Colour of the Year, the provocative UltraViolet. The most popular jewel shades are purple, blues, and greens. Here is how to use them in your décor scheme to great effect.


Shades of purple are ideal for the modern living. They work well with both feminine and masculine spaces and inspire harmony and ingenuity.

Spruce up your home and add these colours in rooms that feature natural elements and textures, e.g. wood and wicker. Introduce indoor plants for a vibrant and contrasting effect.

Pair purple hues with bold blues, blush pinks, leafy greens and zesty yellow shades for a ‘wow’ contemporary look.


Blue colours can be used to add interest to any room depending on the mood you want to create. Softer blues convey the idea of serenity and calm, while deep azure and dark navy shades lend a more upbeat effect to your decorating space.

Add blues for a striking feature wall or a furniture item to add dramatism and character. Introduce softer textile and earthy browns to tone down the boldness if necessary.

For an interesting and playful effect, pair dark navy blues with hot pink or yellow, or go for the more classic blue and white combination to evoke a more soothing mood.


Extremely versatile, greens are used in interior design for its fresh, optimistic, and vibrant character. Green breaks the monotony and adds a lively undertone to any room.

Jewel shades such as forest greens and bold emeralds convey a strong and dramatic look. Use these for feature walls and furniture items.

Combine soft olives and mint hues with bold emeralds – green shades complement each other. But if you want to add even more character, pair green with whites, pink, and blues to make the colours pop.

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