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How to Decorate Your Home to Always Be in Style: The Trends

How to Decorate Your Home to Always Be in Style: The Trends

Now that you have your basics in place, it’s time to embrace current trends. To illustrate this, we will hop aboard the millennial pink bandwagon.

Accent Walls

Big enough to make a statement, painting one wall in a room with an accent colour is a great way to combine your existing style with the current trend. Having just one accent wall ensures that your existing pieces of furniture and curtains don’t look out of place, as you will still have walls painted in the original neutral tone.

Acent walls


Throws and Scatter Cushions

Throws and scatter cushions are a quick and affordable way to introduce a new colour or pattern into a room. Affordable home decor stores stock a wide variety of on-trend scatter cushions and throws.





Wall Art

Art is another way to add some fun to your decor easily. You don’t have to go for big masterpieces; home decor stores often sell affordable prints for walls. It doesn’t even have to be pictures; it could simply be geometric shapes.




Area Rug

Area rugs can make a room look bigger. You can also use them to match with interior decor trends you like. Once again, you don’t have to go out and buy a fancy Persian rug; there are a lot of trendy and affordable rugs for sale at home decor stores.






Table, counter, and shelf displays are an easy way to add some personality to your space. Some of these items can even be made from recycled items that you have repurposed and painted!



Stay True to Yourself

Whatever trend you decide to embrace, never feel that you should conform to it: take what you love about a trend, make it your own, and discard the rest.

A good example of this is the picture below; the homeowners took the blush pink trend and moulded it to fit in with their personal style by opting for a dustier version of blush pink to match their essential pieces while still being on-trend.



And there you have it! An easy and affordable way to stay elegant, chic, and always in style! If you think you might forget these tips, go ahead and have a look at the image below; we’ve got it all summed up for you!


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