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Décor Tips to Bring the Outdoors Inside

Décor Tips to Bring the Outdoors Inside

Give your apartment an earthy, outdoors feel with these décor tips.

Natural and nice

Use textures and fabrics with an earthy feel, such as wood, roughly woven rugs, and pebbles, rocks and shells. You can display these or incorporate them in pieces of furniture, such as a wall-mounted coat rack made of driftwood. Use woven baskets and containers made from bamboo, sisal and reeds to do double duty as storage containers and décor. A wooden chest used as a coffee table is a great way of creating a striking yet simple centre piece to the lounge.

Green house

Add touches of nature’s garden by using flowers and foliage. Choose something simple such a bunch of bright and pretty flowers, or add pieces of décor featuring bird or animal motifs. Houseplants are always a winner; choose plants with leaves in different shapes, sizes and colours to create the vibrant effect of an indoors garden.

Colour code

Bring some of the beautiful brightness of the outdoors in by adding a few pops of colour in your apartment. Think bright blue skies, crisp green lawns, colourful bursts of flowers in the garden… Add these colours in your apartment by using small touches such a wall art, lamp shades, vases or throw pillows. With just a few small touches, you can turn your apartment into a fresh new living space!

Create a theme

Think of your favourite outdoor place and recreate it in your apartment with colour and design elements. For example, if you love the ocean, play around with sandy colours and shades of blue with décor featuring pebbles, sand and sea shells; if you like the bush, add animal prints and small decorative elements like clay pots filled with porcupine quills and grass seeds.

By decorating your apartment with an outdoor theme, or even simply by adding some outdoors elements to your apartment’s existing décor, you can instantly freshen up your living space and create a more free, lived-in look and feel.

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