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Creative ways to add colour to your home

Creative ways to add colour to your home

Colour: Colour can refresh you, lift your spirits or even depress you. Colours have immense emotional significance and go a long way in influencing our emotions and experiences, and everyone has their own personal connection to colour. For many homeowners, it can be difficult to add areas of bright colour to their homes, adding their creative vision without making it feel overwhelming or overwrought. Here are our top tips for adding a statement colour to your home.

How to add colour to your home


If you’re feeling unsure, start with something small like throw pillows. Affordable and easy to replace, throw cushions offer an easy way to add a pop of colour to your home. Mix and match textures and patterns for a playful take on colour.

Statement furniture

Couches and chairs are great for adding a hit of colour to your home. Add a bright couch to an otherwise neutral room and watch it become the focal piece.

Wall art

Channel your artistic side with splash of colour courtesy of your favourite art piece.  A bright artwork is often a fun talking point, inspiring dialogue and introspection. Support your local artists by buying or commissioning a piece from them.

Paint or wallpaper

High impact and dramatic, wall coverings are a great way to bring in colour to your home. For bright colours, it’s often best to adorn one wall in the dramatic colour of your choice and leave the other walls a neutral colour. For something a bit different, add a tapestry to your wall.

Colourful rugs        

Rugs offer a cosy decorating method that marries comfort and style. Add a high-quality rug to your dining room, sitting room or bedroom for a luxurious, colourful touch.

Well, colour me surprised! Five fantastic ways to add colour to your home- simple as that!

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