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How to create a welcoming atmosphere in your home

How to create a welcoming atmosphere in your home

Most people will readily admit that a home’s atmosphere can immediately impact how you experience that space- A warm, inviting atmosphere can encourage you to linger, while a cold, moody atmosphere may make you wish you had stayed away. When hosting an event, homeowners may often wonder about the atmosphere created in their home. Here are five top tips to creating an inviting atmosphere when hosting an event.

1. Play some music

Create a welcoming air for guests with relaxing music. Make sure the volume is low enough to enable guests to converse, while still being audible in the background.

2. Keep it light and bright

Natural light is a simple way to create a clean, airy feel. Open up your curtains to let the light into your house. If your home is naturally gloomy, invest in some attractive light fixtures to brighten up your space.

3. Think about textures

Play with textures to create a cosy, inviting air. Fill your home with items that you would like to touch- textured wallpaper, fluffy blankets or smooth tiles can create a comfortable feel.

4. Incorporate aromatherapy

Scent can be incredibly powerful when it comes to how people experience a space. Create a delightful fragrance in your home with scented candles, fresh-baked goods or perfumed flowers. Roses, jasmine and gardenias can be planted in your garden or placed in pots to create inviting scents in your home.

5. Channel your own style

Most importantly, don’t forget to channel your sense of style and identity when designing your living space. Hang your favourite art pieces on the wall, print out pictures of friends and family, and display items that have sentimental meaning to you.

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