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Create a Beautiful Balcony Garden

Create a Beautiful Balcony Garden

Make the most of your double-storey townhouse development by creating a garden oasis in your balcony. No matter the size and shape of your balcony, here are some practical ideas recommended by most landscapers to get you started.

Choose Evergreen Plants

Evergreen clippable plants are great for greening and screening a balcony. In a small area, every plant will be noticed, so you will have to choose the plants thoughtfully. Go for greenery that is easy to maintain, without too much downtime in the offseason.

Opt for plants that can withstand the elements and take a breeze, such as thorn trees, olives or large shrubs. Think about the plant’s size and habit if it is going to be restricted to containers.

Keep in mind that plants can be trained and clipped to fit into a smaller space such as balconies or terraces. Invest in some larger containers instead of too many smaller pots, to create an effective visual mix.

Add Lighting and Furniture

If you want to use your balcony space for storage, it is worth investing in clever storage solutions that can double up as ottomans, seats or daybeds. Choose compact table and chairs that can be folded away and cleaned with ease.

Artificial grass underfoot is a practical solution that can add the extra green garden effect, while muted lighting adds a soft feel to the balcony garden. Use plants and screening to dim the outside light if needed.

Focus on Privacy

Finally, privacy is one of the main challenges with balconies. Introduce space-saving wooden or metal screens if privacy is a serious concern. If you have enough room, growing hedges in a line of containers can act as a good screening and greening effect to balcony sides.

For privacy from overhead, pergolas and awnings work well, but if it is not possible to hang plants from above, choose a potted tree that can spread out and extend to give you some good coverage.

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