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Create a Bathroom Sanctuary

Create a Bathroom Sanctuary

Turn your sanctuary space into a revitalising oasis by inviting nature inside. We show a few ideas to add contemporary style and greenery to your bathroom.

Natural Décor

Turn your bathroom into a spa-like retreat using materials that reflect the beauty of the outdoors. Think plants, bamboo, basketry and beautiful wooden accessories.

Tap into restorative benefits of nature and pamper yourself with organic bath salts and soaps. Practical and stylish, oversized mirrors are also great additions to the bathroom. Hang towels from the rungs of a bamboo ladder propped against a wall.

Gold and Copper Accents

Create a feeling of ultimate extravagance in the vanity area by introducing gold and copper accents. Painting a golden feature wall and choosing elegant fixtures in copper and gold.

Add more luxury to your bathroom with a copper bath and taps. Up the glam factor with gilded porcelain accessories and mirrors titles to add extra shine.

White and Green Scheme

Keep your bathroom crisp and light with a white and green scheme, a fresh palette that can be perfectly paired with the earthy shades of timber, stone, and natural fabrics.

Introduce botanicals into the bathroom with plant-inspired ceramics and wellness products. Creating still life with plants, candles, bowls, and vases is an easy way to add further flair.

Monochrome Bathroom

Black and white bathrooms are always in style. Simple yet striking, a monochrome scheme paired with lush greenery is guaranteed to add a sophisticated vibe to any bathroom.

Jazz up a classic bathroom with graphic accents tiles in black and white and a heavy dose with greenery. Incorporating a screen in the bathroom is another fashionable way to create more privacy and a feeling of indulgence.

Bright and Colourful Bathroom

Bold tropical bathrooms are on trend. Have some fun with plants, colourful fixtures, patterned towels, and products that liven up the bathroom.

Bring n foliage, birds, dazzling patterns and summer colours to make a statement. Choose plants that thrive in tropical conditions of lo0w light, warmth and humidity.

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