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The Countdown to a Stress-Free Moving Experience Part 3:

The Countdown to a Stress-Free Moving Experience Part 3:


Moving house is a maddening event. Packing up your entire existence only to have to fit it into a new home can be trying. However, if you follow our easy steps, moving house will be a lot better, not to mention easier, experience.

We’re at the last stretch, so let’s see you can move house with less stress!

Week 3

Cancel all routine deliveries such as the newspaper or other and-delivered items, should you have any; and change to your new address. Gather together your valuables such as jewellery, heirlooms and important documents. If you cannot move these yourself, arrange for a shipping service that comes with a tracking system and a god insurance policy. Alternatively, you can leave these with a trusted friend or family member to keep safe until you are settled in your new home. Pack some more!

Week 2

Take pictures and videos of all your furniture in case of damage so that you have proof in case of claims. Wrap bigger pieces of furniture with plastic sheets, and pack everything but the most important of your belongings. Defrost your freezer and check all electrical appliances – they need to be clean and in a working condition. Make sure that any gas lines to gas stoves are handled by a professional. Clean the stove and the garage as well as other storage areas as much as you can to lessen next week’s cleaning workload. Dispose of all items that cannot be moved, such as flammable pant, chemicals, garden pesticides, etc.

Week 1

Fill all prescriptions and make sure chronic and important medicine is packed where you can easily reach it, in luggage you’ll have with you at all times.

Do the final packing and get rid of the clothes and belongings you don’t need. (The final round of this will be when you move into your new house – once you start unpacking and need to find space for everything, it becomes a lot easier to let go.)

Back up all electronic storage devices and computers, and make sure they are securely packaged and will be safe in transit.

Make sure the water and electricity in your new home works three days before the move to allow for enough time to sort out any issues. Also make sure that any transfers in your old home has been done, or otherwise check that the utilities are switched off.

Pack your suitcases with everything you’ll need during the move or might need before the boxes are unpacked. To be safe, work on a week’s clothing.

Clean your house from top to bottom – it was your home and sheltered you, and you shouldn’t leave behind a mess for the next owner.

Confirm the details of the move with your moving company. Once they arrive, check that there is sufficient supervision. Make sure you have enough cash to tip the movers.

Ad that is it! You’re all snuggled in your new home. Happy exploring!

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