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The Countdown to a Stress-Free Moving Experience Part 2:

The Countdown to a Stress-Free Moving Experience Part 2:

Moving house is a maddening event. Packing up your entire existence only to have to fit it into a new home can be trying. However, if you follow our easy steps, moving house will be a lot better, not to mention easier, experience.

In the previous blog, the day you move house was still far away, but we are getting closer to D-day and the works is getting harder.

Week 6

Start collecting those boxes you found in week 7.

Now is the time when you need to assess your belongings and clothes to decide what you really need and want, and what can be donated or thrown away. Don’t worry if you feel like clinging to things you don’t really need – this is only the first clean-out.

Start doing the paperwork if you need to transfer schools, should you have kids, and find new clubs and activities such as a yoga class or a driving range.

Week 5

You can start packing non-essentials and things you rarely use. Start buying less groceries so that you can use the food you already have. Take stock to make sure you have all the moving supplies you need in addition to those received from friends: included in the list is more boxes (if necessary – but rather have too many than too few), tape, box cutters, scissors and magic markers or stickers to describe the content of the box. You’ll also need plastic sheeting to protect large furniture like couches and mattresses. As you start packing boxes in all earnest, develop and implement a packing system that will allow you to keep track of and unpack the boxes in your new home with as little fuss as possible. Use a master list and colour code by room.

Week 4

Apply for leave for the days you’ll need to move house. Arrange for someone to take care of the children, if you have any, so that you can focus on the move. Confirm with your moving company and make sure all your paperwork is complete. Decide how you ae going to move your valuables and make the appropriate arrangements. Pack some more.

In our next blog, we’ll count down the final weeks before you move house.

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