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The Countdown to a Stress-Free Moving Experience Part 1:

The Countdown to a Stress-Free Moving Experience Part 1:

Planning is Key

Moving house is a maddening event. Packing up your entire existence only to have to fit it into a new home can be trying. However, if you follow our easy steps, moving house will be a lot better, not to mention easier, experience.

Week 9

Measure your new home to make sure your furniture will fit. Decide which large pieces of furniture needs to go and which ones you’ll be moving. If there are any conditions on the sale of your current property, such as a leaky toilet being fixed or a crack in the wall that needs to be filled, arrange for this to be done. At your new home, check if you’ll need to make any maintenance or renovations and get someone to go and do it.

Week 8

Start looking for a removal company you can trust – ask friends, search on Facebook and do internet research. Look for a company with great testimonials and follow these up. Check whether you need insurance and follow up with the necessary paperwork.

You can also start scouting your new neighbourhood for your preferred shops, schools and handy places like police offices, banks, post offices, garages, ATMs, etc.

Start telling your friends about the move and share future contact details.

Week 7

Get quotes from at least three of the moving companies you found during your research last week. Keep all your paperwork regarding the move together in a folder. Included in this folder should be a list of all the places you need to notify of change of address.

Start asking friends and relatives if they have any boxes, or know of someone who does. It’s better to start packing early than late, and you need to get your ducks in a row as early as possible.

In our next blog, we’ll continue the countdown to a less stressful experience when you move house.

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