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Common Rules to Use in Residential Shared Spaces

Common Rules to Use in Residential Shared Spaces

Living in a residential complex or estate often requires sharing common areas with your neighbours. Everyone in the complex has open access to gym facilities, daycare, children’s playgrounds, or the swimming pool.

Here are a few unwritten rules and common etiquette to make the most out of the shared space.

Share the Amenities

If your new complex has amenities like a fitness centre or swimming pool, make sure you give other residents an equal opportunity to use the facilities. Do not hover, spend too much time on, or impend your neighbours’ access to the same amenities.

Keep your area clean

Always keep your area clean if you are using a shared space and amenities like gym equipment, play areas or communal gardens. Maintaining a clean environment is not only the policy in residential estates but can also inspire others by example.

Watch where you smoke
If you are a smoker and your complex does not have any visible signage up regarding this issue, use your discretion and try not to smoke in areas that are likely to offend non-smoking residents. Pick up after yourself and never drop cigarette stubs on the ground. Enquire with the management about the smoking policy.

Know the Driving Rules

It is best to be informed about the estate’s policies around parking in designated spaces, as well as driving speed limits on the roads inside the complex. Share common areas and do not park in places you are not allowed to avoid any penalties and the neighbours’ anger.

Mind Your Manners

Finally, always be courteous around common areas and use appropriate language with your friendly neighbours.

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