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“Coming Soon – Richfield Lifestyle Estate”

“Coming Soon – Richfield Lifestyle Estate”

Pantry vs. Scullery

New homeowners and renovators alike are setting sculleries high on their wish list as functionality and practicality make this cost effective kitchen addition to hard to refuse.

The idea of an open plan kitchen design has allowed homeowners to invest more time with family and friends while cooking and entertaining in the home. It additionally showcased a shift to a more easy-going way of life by not being afraid to expose the reality of “an untidy kitchen”.

However as the walls of conventional kitchens have fallen away, others have remained. Walk-in pantries and sculleries have become a necessary part of interior design because of their ability to complement the beauty and simplicity of an open-plan kitchen. And this is what Mobus achieves in the newly established Richfield Manor.
The architectural expression of Richfield Manor boasts sleek and modern designs with unique spatial arrangements. Contact Mobus today and make your dream home possible.

Walk-in pantries

In small to medium sized properties, the interest for walk-in pantries has surged. The thought of the walk-in is to have the majority of the big, bulky cooking appliances and pantry products kept out of sight and to declutter the kitchen.

The average measurements of walk-in pantries are 2m x 1.4m and usually feature open shelving, adequate draw space and a bench area with additional shelving for storing dry food. Walk-in pantries are a fantastic place to hide a number of kitchen appliances, for example, bread makers, woks, fry pans, slow cookers, toasters etc.


If cost is not a factor, a scullery is a perfect option for those needing to conceal food preparation. Sculleries are basically like a scaled down kitchen containing a sink and larger household appliances such as fridges, dishwashers and washing machines with benchtop space for preparation and good shelving.

With Richfield Manor’s large floor plan designs and open space, homeowners can see the benefits of the incorporation of a scullery. Our sleek and modern designs have turned it into not just a place for preparation but also a place to escape.

Call a Mobus consultant today and let us introduce you to pristine luxury living at Richfield Lifestyle Estate.