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Clever Ways to Use Colour

Clever Ways to Use Colour

There’s nothing wrong with a fresh lick of white paint, but don’t be misled: when it comes to painting your apartment, there’s something to be said for every colour option. The real “golden” rule is that there are no rules!

Traditional thinking maintains that white or off-white is the best colour as it makes the apartment seem bigger – walls, furniture and décor. Yet by cleverly using colour, you can get the same effect no matter what colour you choose. Ultimately, you should do what makes you happy and suits your personality best – after all, this is your home and should reflect who you are!

Kitchen dreams

Kitchen are great rooms in which to explore your colour creativity. Pretty much everything goes, so get creative with décor, paint bold colours, accessorise with bright tea towels.

Go big in the bathroom

Traditionally people pick pastel-like colours or shades of neutrals for bathrooms. But it should be a fun place, so why not go full out bright and bold? You can still use earthy colours, but why not choose rich jewel tones or strong browns and greens?

Focal walls

An accent wall can work wonders even in a smaller apartment. The darker colour creates the illusion of the wall receding, creating a roomier feel.

Use colour to connect spaces

Unite a room by using colour as a theme – use décor items e.g. a carpet, throw pillows, an ornament or a lampshade all in the same colour to echo throughout the room.

Sharp colours

Choosing a colour that is crisp and clear can expand a space. This works especially if you have negative space in between the pieces of furniture and decor. Think electric blues, yellows and greens, hot reds and bright combos.

Be playful

Elongate the length of a room by using curtains with horizontal stripes. Pain the ceiling a slightly lighter shade to make it seem higher than the walls. Paint an entrance hallway slightly darker than the room into which it flows to make the latter seems airier.

Splashes of colour

If you do prefer a more neutral colour scheme, you can still liven up the room with splashes of colour in unexpected places: flower pots, the inside of a windowsill, a small accent wall, a piece of furniture or even a doorframe.

The dark side

Keep one focal point of décor black or a very dark colour, so that it anchors the room and directs the eye from there. It will ground the colour theme and emphasise the other colours in the room.

Living in your apartment should be fun and the way it looks should reflect that, so get colour creative today and see what a change it makes!

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