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Clever Storage Ideas for Bathrooms

Clever Storage Ideas for Bathrooms

Bathrooms are not exactly known for being the biggest room in the house, so fitting all the bits and pieces that belong in the bathroom can be a challenge. A bathroom cabinet helps, but usually there is an overflow of items that inevitable clutter up the room.

In addition to its official use, a bathroom also often functions as a place to apply make-up, do personal grooming and store era linen such as towels. All this adds to the amount of items that need storage space.


Shelves are great if you don’t have enough floor space. A space that is often underutilised is the wall behind the toilet. Add some shelves and you have an instant storage space for towels, toilet paper and storage containers. You can even add decorations like scented candles for a pretty look.

Cool containers

Using containers such as Consol jars makes for a pretty way to keep loose things from lying around. Simply arrange them on a shelf or mount directly to the wall for an ornamental effect. You can also use ornamental boxes and stack them neatly under the standing washbasin. A cool way to create storage and decorate your bathroom all in one move!

Towel ladder

If you don’t have a linen closet, this is a clever way to store your towels in the bathroom. The ladder has a natural angle which means the towels hang straight down and are exposed to some ventilation, and won’t get all musty and smelly. You can use this for bath towels, hand towels and washcloths.

Shower curtains with pockets

These pockets are cleverly designed to accommodate everything you need in the shower, from bottles of shampoo and conditioner to razors, loofah scrubs and foot scrubbers.


A great place to store things is behind the door. Get a hanging shoe organiser that attaches to the door by clips and you have plenty of space for extra bottles and jars and all things vanity. This way you gain a lot of storage space without losing floor space.

Bathrooms need not be a messy room anymore. Using these ideas, you can declutter the bathroom in no time!

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