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Choosing the Right Furniture for Your Apartment

Choosing the Right Furniture for Your Apartment

Moving into a new apartment is always exciting, but choosing the right furniture can quickly turn a great new start into a great new frustration. If your furniture doesn’t fit into the space of your new apartment, it puts a real damper on the excitement.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right furniture for your new apartment.

Know what you’re working with

You need a clear idea of the dimensions in which your furniture need to fit, so draw up a floor plan, measure the dimensions and keep that in mind when you go shopping for furniture. This way, you won’t buy furniture that is wrong or too big for the available space in the room. Use a tape measure – even a few centimetres can make the difference.

It’s all about arrangement

Be smart in how you arrange furniture into the available space – arrange furniture to complement the room. Doorways need clear walkways so you arrange place furniture in such a way that it blocks the flow of the room. Windows need to be pen so avoid blocking them with tall furniture.

Choose furniture that is multifunctional

Multifunctional furniture is a great solution for making the most of your available space. Living in a compact apartment can still feel spacious if you combine furniture to serve more than one purpose, as this means you’ll need fewer pieces of furniture in all. Try a futon or sleeper couch to double as a guest bed; use trunks and ottomans as storage.

Quality over quantity

Living in a smaller apartment means that you will need fewer pieces of furniture, which means you can afford to buy a few great pieces to add that wow factor. Select each piece of furniture with the most care and do more with less.

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