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Choosing the Perfect Rug for Your Interior

Choosing the Perfect Rug for Your Interior

With so many different rug patterns, textures, and colours, choosing a rug for your interior space can be daunting.

Look beyond the trends appeal and the pricing and include the following tips to guide you when shopping for your perfect rug.

Think about your Lifestyle Needs

A well-placed rug will add a unique appeal to any room. Before you make the purchase, consider how your choice will fit your lifestyle and needs.

If you have children and pets, or you want to place the rug in a high traffic area,  you will want to consider a rug with stain resistant properties.

Consider the Space Functionality

The rug you choose should reflect how space will be used. Rugs are an excellent option for decorative purposes, but also highly practical if you count in insulation properties.

A large rug will act as a cushioned surface, absorbing the sound, and making the room much quieter – a great choice for a bedroom or a busy room of the house.

Factor in the Maintenance

When browsing rug styles, trends, and options, most buyers do not factor in the cleaning requirements, which can ramp up maintenance costs.

Although most rugs will need the regular vacuuming to remove dirt and debris, and a deep clean from time to time, specialised rugs will require professional cleaning.

If it is important to you, you can minimise the costs by choosing a rug in fabric that is easier to clean, or in a darker colour.

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