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Choosing Art for Your Home

Choosing Art for Your Home

Have you been looking at the walls in your home and wondering how you could spice things up? Maybe you’ve been thinking of buying a few art pieces or a picture frame, but you don’t know where to start? Art can be a great conversation starter and can add a pop of colour to an otherwise dull room.

Follow these few tips to have your bare walls looking great.

Discover your likes and dislikes

Do you prefer more classic pieces in the styles of the great European painters like Da Vinci or Rembrandt or even Van Gogh? Or maybe you have a taste for contemporary African art or pieces you might find at a local flea market. Whatever you go with, make sure it reflects your personality.

Evaluate your budget

Having an original art piece from your favourite artist hanging on your wall may seem magnificent, but there is a reason why art is considered an investment. Original pieces can range from a few hundred to thousands and even millions of US dollars. Consider what you can afford and if you want a specific piece, go for a cheaper reproduction.

Pick a size

Before you rush off to buy a new painting, decide where you want to hang it, and if it suits the room, it will be essentially decorating. Measure the walls and make a note of the dimensions needed for the painting. Or instead of one big art piece, mix it up by choosing pieces of small, medium and large sizes for some variety.

Have a theme

Picking up pieces as you go may seem exciting, but having a theme will allow you to slow down and think about the choices you’re making and whether that particular artwork will fit into your home. Maybe you want to choose neutral tones and pastel colours or a nature theme with florals and fauna.

Whichever you go with, have fun and enjoy your new art.

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